Benefits of CGI over Traditional Photography

CGI Technology has expounded over the years. Some organisations may find themselves struggling whether to utilise this digital technique vs. traditional photoshoots. When you think about CGI, you may find yourself wandering around the ideas of gaming, architecture, and the like. In the present time, CGI produces stunning visuals for all industries that aids in showcasing their products and services to many.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is a digital version of a still, animated or moving visual. It is the way to go over conventional photography because of many reasons. However, let’s name a few to shed some light on this subject.

See Your Future Plans Now

Through the use of CGI, get a good glimpse of your projects and how they would look. Doing so will give you a new perspective that can help you make the necessary adjustments.

Say Hello To Web Design Makeover

In an ever-crowded and competitive industry, it is vital for our brand to make a difference and do things right. The good news is that we think about things differently.

With the help of our employees, we have defined what our brand stands for – it’s bridging creative solutions that matter. We take steps to help our clients reach their fullest potentials, understanding their needs and providing them with smart solutions that fit.

This is our DNA, and it’s right at the heart of our brand. Creative solutions not only guide who we are and how we behave but also let us stand out in a crowded marketplace. It underpins our core elements and strengthens our brand.

The Studio Bridge connects all types of brands to the finest artists, designers, animators, technicians, marketing experts and project managers – who are innately competent and, most importantly, possess the right character and culture fit.

Desktop Publishing Graphic Designer

Position Summary This position will be part of the Production Team and will be reporting to the Production Manager. All project executions are coordinated according to the project briefs on a regular and adhoc basis. The Desktop Publishing Graphic Designer must thrive in a professional, and fast-paced environment. Upon successful hiring, the selected candidate is […]

Project Management Associate

Join our progressing journey towards growth. If you are passionate and creative about bringing graphics to life, you might be the next Project Management Associate we’re looking for. Experienced in Design Agency is highly preferred. Only candidates who live in the Manila and other nearby cities are preferable. Upon successful hiring, the selected candidate is […]

State-Of-The-Art: Quality And Precision

A website is a visual representation of what a company is about. Using their brand colours, exhibiting their expertise, and sharing how they can be of help, Technomar Offshore, through collaborating with The Studio Bridge, was able to utilise its website to communicate and reach out to its target market.

In Just A Few Scrolls

Complex and hard-to-navigate websites are never the way to go. It’s always best to let your audience know who you are and what you can do for them in just a few scrolls.

Impactful And Informative

A website should be able to eloquently convey the who, what, why, and how of its company. This website did just that. This project happened through the collaboration between the client and their vision and The Studio Bridge with its expertise. It’s simple, easy to navigate, yet informative and impactful.

Make Your Brand As Irresistible As Your Fur Friends

Let your audience get a better idea of who your brand is through the right illustrations. For this project, the client wanted an artwork that could capture how they want their brand to be perceived: adorable, irresistible, yet elegant.