Smart SOLUTIONS That Fit 

We build stories from the ground up, and…
we’re two steps ahead your marketing fails.

But no matter what,
Your brand gets the limelight it deserves.
Presenting The Studio Bridge Showreel 2022!

Exquisitely Tasteful

Get that premium taste from an abundant vineyard of creative design. Exquisitely showcase your brand the right way with our expertise in label design and packaging. It’s important to let the consumers know what makes your product high-quality. Through a well-thought-out concept and well-executed design, get your message across at a glance.

Make A Splash

Excite your consumers and make a splash through creative and innovative design. With our expertise and experience, we’ll create a Packaging Design that brings a needed splurge of impact.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Facebook 360 

Interactive and relatable content has always been one of the ‘musts’ for a successful Social Media Campaign. With Facebook 360, Brands now get the chance to elevate their campaigns further. According to Ocean Quigley, the Creative Director of Facebook, 360 videos and immersive media is part of the Social Network’s natural progression. This update would also lay the foundation for creating 3D environments compatible with VR and AR.

Branding: What Makes It Important

Branding is more than just a visual – it goes beyond a logo, a website or a physical store. Good branding implies consumer experience of a brand. From introducing a new idea or product to attracting the consumers’ attention, to making a sale and repeat purchase, everything needs to be on-brand.

Bring Your Products To Life

Product photoshoots are essential, but they can be costly, especially if your product undergoes multiple changes from time to time or the product line is still expanding. CGI render of products is more cost-effective since it can be easily updated.

Creative Director 

We are looking for a talented and motivated Creative Director to lead our company’s creative department. The successful candidate must possess excellent leadership qualities, with the ability to maximize in-house talents. As the Creative Director, you will work closely with the graphic design, digital animation and marketing departments to deliver engaging content that meets the […]

The Studio Bridge unveils 2nd Lookbook Digital Magazine

Alongside its second year in the design industry, the company launched its second e-Magazine issue of ‘Lookbook by The Studio Bridge’ showcasing stories and creatives in packaging, employee features, and other insightful content for the community, the clients and the people behind its progressing success.

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Consider 3D 

Using 3D Animation in businesses allows them to communicate with their audience in a distinctive and immersive way. 3D Animated materials are eye-catching and engaging, which can help improve brand recall, especially when it’s creative, colourful, and unique.

2D vs. 3D: How Should Your Brand Tell Its Story?

Effectively sharing your brand’s story and journey is crucial for business growth. It is one of the most effective ways to relate with your audience and give them an idea of who and what your brand is about. Storytelling through animation is a great way to catch people’s attention and retention. Through a dynamic and colourful approach, not only will it make your audience curious about the brand, but it could potentially build a fanbase who would wait for updates or any news about the brand.