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3D Product Video Animation Studio

Jaw-dropping life-like 3D imagery? No problem. Nostalgia-inducing 2D cell-animation vibe? Of course. Whatever suits your needs, we can create animated infomercials, explainer videos, promo announcements that’ll spare your audience from unstimulating PDFs and PowerPoints.

Shaping an object into a 3D mesh is the first step in your brand’s animation journey to a more impactful visibility.

Adding color and surface properties gives 3D objects that life-like feel.

Running, jumping, flying, spinning, smiling, laughing . . . rigging in animation makes movement possible.

Assets are the visual elements that fill up an animated world. They can be background elements like mountains, the sky, buildings, etc., or objects your main model interacts with like toys or buttons.

From realistic cities to mythical kingdoms, matte painting provides the locales for animated characters to roam about in.

Achieving effortless planning has never been easy! Wireframes and a storyboard were brought to life …
Channelling MVP moves with a spin. Inspired by World Balance’s Scottie 1, we took an …
Our esteemed Steel Detailing and Construction Modeling client needed a modern Christmas video to greet …
Here’s a Christmas treat from all of us at ‘The Studio Bridge’. This 3D …
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The concept for this 3D animation takes influence from Tomy’s mini toy cars Bit Char-G, …

2D & 3D Product Video Animation Studio

Modeling: Crafting the Core of Your 3D Animation Product Video

Shaping an object into a 3D mesh marks the beginning of your brand’s impactful visual journey.

Texturing: Adding Realism to 3D product Animation Video Models

Adding color and surface properties to give 3D objects a life-like appearance and enhance the visual experience.

Rigging: Breathing Life into Animations Studio

Explaining how rigging enables characters to move naturally, from running and jumping to smiling and laughing.

Asset Creation: Building the World of Animation Studio

Describing how assets, both background and interactive elements, construct the animated universe.

Matte Painting: Designing Diverse Construction Animated Environments

Illustrating how matte painting creates everything from realistic cities to mythical realms for characters to explore.

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Video Offline and Online Editing
Detailing how Studio Bridge’s editing services refine animations for the final presentation.

Design Services
Showcasing comprehensive design solutions that complement animation projects.

Outsource Graphic Design Services with Our Virtual Studio
Highlighting the benefits of leveraging Studio Bridge’s virtual studio for graphic design needs.

Creative Photo Retouching Services
Showing how photo retouching can enhance the visual appeal of animation-related imagery.

Packaging Artwork Design Services
Exploring how packaging design integrates with animation to create a cohesive brand experience.

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