Stand Out with Marketing Animation: How a Professional Animator Sets You Apart

Animated marketing videos are a highly effective communication tool in our fast-paced digital world. Animation offers an interesting alternative to live-action marketing footage and cuts through the visual noise to get your messages out to your customers. This highly persuasive medium helps you tell stories that people will remember. 

The Impact of Marketing Animation on Engagement

Do you have happy memories of watching cartoons as a kid? Or are you still a major fan of Disney and Pixar? Animation has been proven to be a powerful way of conveying ideas and connecting on a truly emotional level. And creating a connection with your customers on an emotional level is the secret to genuine engagement. Marketing animation can help you create, design and improve your connections with your customers.

Marketing animation can cut to the core of an idea; it enables you to successfully convey even a very complex concept in a way that makes it seem simple. Using animation appeals to our emotional selves. Visual cues are received and processed in the right side of the human brain, which is less rational and more open than the left side.

Marketing animation also enables a high degree of creativity—the impossible can be shown through clever marketing animation. Bring life to your out-of-this-world ideas, astonish your audiences, and let your imagination run wild with animation in marketing.

Professional vs. DIY Animation: Why Expertise Matters

Creating a simple yet compelling message through marketing animation is more challenging than it looks. It’s often the most straightforward animations that produce the best results. Animated promotional videos are usually concise; the challenge with using animation in video marketing is always getting the right amount of information and presenting it in order. 

Animations that are too complex introduce too many ideas or are not offered in the correct order will leave customers feeling confused and disinterested.

Professional animators will always begin their work by defining a clear objective or goal for an animated video, be it to introduce, inspire, promote, or engage. A properly scripted and produced animated video will also be designed around a clear storyboard that clearly shows why every single scene is critical to developing the concept and message. 

DIY animation often includes too much information and an incorrect arrangement between words and pictures. Expert animators know how to structure and order an animation containing just the correct information. They know which content needs to be spoken as narration and which can be best conveyed through images. A couple of frames of the proper marketing animation can reduce the need for many minutes of spoken word.

Professional animators also know how to use other stylistic techniques such as anticipation, overlapping action, speed, and anticipation to pull a visual story together.

Types of Animation That Can Elevate Your Content

Most people who try to create their own animated business videos don’t realise that many types of animations can be used, from traditional 2D animation to stop motion animation and CGI. Learn more about the options in our recent blog about the top five types of animation.  

Animated marketing video production techniques enable you to communicate in different ways, each elevating your content to the highest level.  

Animated promotional videos: are great ways to engage your customers and help them get to know you. An animated promotional video showcases your products and explains any unique attributes or features. It can also show viewers how to use or what they can do with your product. Using this type of video can pique a customer’s interest and motivate them to learn more.  

Animated explainer videos: these productions are a fantastic way to clarify complex information or instructions about your products and services. If you are an enterprise business and launching something completely new, an animated explainer video can showcase all of your hard work and guide viewers as they are introduced to your product. An animated explainer video can cover features and benefits and typically ends with a solid call to action. Explainer videos used on your website can help visitors stay on your pages for longer, and this, in turn, improves your SEO and search results.

Animated testimonial videos: If you have received some great product feedback but don’t want to show customers or don’t have the talent to read out your glowing customer testimonials, then why not animate them? With an animated testimonial video, you’ll be able to create a character that suits your brand and builds trust among your audiences. 

Harnessing the Power of Marketing Animation for Your Brand

A professionally scripted and designed marketing animation video is a great way to build brand engagement and loyalty. Use the power of human emotion to evoke ideas and storylines that call a customer to action. At Studio Bridge, our designers and animators have extensive experience creating visually thrilling marketing animation.

Our studio delivers unique digital solutions with adaptive design, post-production, cohesive branding solutions, and packaging artwork services. We ensure on-time delivery and quality work, elevating your brand with our expertise. Contact Studio Bridge for your next animated business video or a series of animated brand videos to tell your story to a whole new set of customers. Let one of our professional animators set your animation apart.