Why Should You Ultimately Pay Attention To Content Marketing?

Content Marketing Blog On Importance Of Content

One basic fundamental of a marketing plan is Content Marketing. More and more, B2C marketers and B2B enterprise marketers use this as part of their marketing strategy. It’s normal for marketers to manage multiple campaigns while crunching data. They go beyond their creative limits while coming up with fresh ideas.

Towards A Strategic Approach

According to Upland, 78% of CMOs believe that custom content is the future of the marketing industry. Only 12% of companies ignore content in their efforts. Despite the fact that content is proven to be valuable, only 32% of marketers believe they’re executing an effective strategy.

Smart marketers see traditional marketing as becoming less and less effective, and that there has to be a better way.

Marketers impose a strategic approach that is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. And ultimately, to drive profitable customer action linked to achieving ROI.

Companies send information all the time – but mostly not highly relevant or valuable (or should I say spam?). This makes “Content” so intriguing in today’s landscape of thousands of marketing messages daily. Good content strategy makes a person stop, read, think and behave differently amidst a very noisy crowd.

Content Marketing Blog On Strategic Content
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Marketing Lives And Breathes Content

Quality content is part of all forms of marketing. Here’s why:

  • SEO: Search engines reward businesses that publish quality content.
  • Pay Per Click: You need a valuable content to achieve at least 0.02% Click Through Rate.
  • Social Media: The subject matter focus comes before your social media strategy.
  • PR: Successful PR strategies address issues readers care about, not about the business.
  • Inbound Marketing: Content is key to driving inbound traffic and leads.
  • Content Strategy: Content strategy is part of most content marketing strategies.

It is crucial to measure and evaluate your efforts. Focus on analyzing four major components: content message, content format, distribution channel and promotional efforts.

And just like cherry on a cake, your efforts will pay off eventually.

Understanding Performance

By understanding your performance in each of these areas, you can better allocate your budget and retarget your efforts for maximum return. As time flies by, recognize the shifts taking place, adapt accordingly, and be ready to evolve with change.

Finally, here’s another reference point. You can watch this 7-minute video from Neil Patel to give you more insights about the New Form of Content Marketing.

Value-driven content makes a person stop, read, think and behave differently amidst a very noisy crowd.

So, should you avoid marketing strategy? The decision is yours.

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