What is Employee Leasing and Why You Should Consider It

Staff Leasing Service

The whole process of getting an employee onboard and taking care of all their corporate needs can be taxing. This mostly happens to startups or small-to-mid-sized companies. Whether the position is part-time or full-time, it wouldn’t matter. Acquiring, training and caring for employees is hard work, time-consuming and at times, could be costly.

What is Employee Leasing

Also known as Staff Leasing or Contract Staffing, this form of service happens when a company would choose to recruit its employees through the help of a third party. It is when an employee or a set of employees are under the care of an external contractor. They are essentially an extension of the company’s team, working somewhere remote or in a different location.

Even though these employees are under a third-party organization, they are employed specifically based on the company’s needs and requirements. These employees are recruited and trained by the external contractor before they are deployed to the companies they are hired for.

Why Employee Leasing

The need for employees is always situational. For example, if it’s only a project with a specific timeline then it will be more cost-effective to hire a leased employee. If the company is yet to stabilize itself and is still figuring things out, then it’s best to get some help.

Here are some reasons why it’s better to hire a leased worker:

Less HR Work

For startups that have no Human Resources (HR) Department, Employee Leasing would be the perfect solution to address this. However, for those small to mid-sized businesses that do have an HR Department, but are understaffed or are better to be dedicated to other matters, looking for help through a third party will save them time, energy and resources.


The company will be able to save hiring costs since advertisements, the whole interview process, background checks, etc. all cost money. However, having leased workers will cut out those costs since the leasing company will be the one to take care of those. By the time the leased employee is introduced to the company, they should already be the perfect candidate for the position needed.


Although these employees are not directly hired by the client or the company, they are still very much part of the team. Leased employees from the leasing company are all selected based on the client’s specifications. The client has complete control over the job, standards and SOPs that the employee has to follow.

Take leasing from the Philippines as an example. Filipinos are known for their expertise in their respective fields and the quality of their work. They are great communicators and team players. May it be a local Filipino company or an international one, they have no problem communicating with their teammates because of their affinity to the English language. This makes the tasks easier to disseminate and develop.


Whatever the situation may be, what’s important is to remember that convenience and removal of complications and unnecessary waste of resources should be the priority. This should also apply when choosing a leasing company. They should be someone who will fit your standards and can provide quality work.

  1. Understand Your Needs: Clearly define what you need from an employee leasing company. Are you looking for help with HR administration, payroll, benefits, or all of the above? Understanding your needs will guide your search.
  2. Industry Expertise: Look for a company that has experience working with businesses in your industry. Industry-specific knowledge can help the EMPLOYEE LEASING COMPANY provide tailored solutions to your unique challenges.
  3. Compliance and Legal Expertise: Ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations is crucial. Choose a company that has strong legal expertise and keeps up-to-date with changing laws to protect your business.
  4. Service Offerings: Review the range of services the employee leasing company offers. It should align with your specific needs. Some companies offer additional services like training, performance management, and risk management.
  5. Technology and Software: Their technology platform should be user-friendly, efficient, and capable of integrating with your existing systems. This is important for seamless operations.
  6. Financial Stability: Research the financial stability of the company. You want a partner that will be reliable in managing your employees’ payroll, benefits, and other financial matters.
  7. Client References: Ask the employee leasing company for client references in industries similar to yours. Reach out to these references to learn about their experiences with the company’s services and support.
  8. Customer Support: Strong customer support is essential. You should have access to a dedicated representative who can address your concerns and provide assistance when needed.

At The Studio Bridge, Employee Leasing has been one of the proven expertise for clients who are benefiting from dedicated headcounts and adaptable professionals – composed of production artists and designers, project managers, marketing experts and more.

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