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Graphic Design Blog About 2022 Design Trends

Consumers look at graphic design differently as change constantly evolves with time. Art studios and design agencies are doing the same. The Studio Bridge pushes itself by thinking differently when it comes to our creative process.

Here we are forecasting a handful of graphic design trends in 2022. Read on…


Bringing back the Retro

To this day, we are still witnessing creative influences from the ’90s (or even way back to the ’60s). It’s truly bringing back the retro vibe to the new era. From simple emojis, old wireframes, hand-drawn doodles, pure one tone or bright colors and lively or playful shapes. Vibrance comes to play.

Graphic Design Blog About Retro Design Trends
Image Source: Pepper Pack Design

“Our business is motivated by seeing things differently. We look at multi-dimensional perspectives in fulfilling our vision. Providing comfort, familiarity and flexibility, The Retro influence brings out the best of this forecasted trend.”


Preserving Parametric elements

Representing design elements of 2022, patterns are at the forefront of adding visual interests on backgrounds, breaking solid colors, and amplifying movements through geometry. This trend, when preserved (and continues to evolve), can best represent the complexity of any subject matter, turning clutter or noise into an appealing visual treatment.

Graphic Design Blog About Parametric Elements Design Trends
Graphic Design Blog On Parametric Elements
Designed by The Studio Bridge


Mashing up 2D-3D

3D design continues to evolve in the digital landscape. It will progress its influence among designers to give them limitless possibilities in fulfilling their creative output. Combining 3D to 2D animation is totally lit! These two will set those conceptualization techniques on fire.

Graphic Design Blog About 2D & 3D Design Trends
Visual Source: Gus Maia from Dribble

“More and more, we are seeing increased demands for 3D animation as a useful tool to boost awareness of a brand, product, or service in engaging target audiences. Combining this trend with 2D brings one’s visual style and technique to another level.”


Turning Vectors flat

Graphic designers, illustrators and animators turn onto vector artwork as it provides limitless possibilities in expressing their creative thinking. Setting the design standards in the past two decades (and even in the early 1960s), flat vector still gives that extraordinary appeal.

Graphic Design Blog About Flat Vectors Design Trends
Image Source: Unsplash
Graphic Design Blog On Flat Vectors
Image Source: Adobe


Twisting Fonts

At times, things can be beautifully off and imperfect. Getting the right method in using typography to showcase your headlines, brand name, taglines and all those that need emphasis, perfectly come to play. From varying sizes, font types and even missing out some letters, twisting the use of typography serves its ultimate purpose.

Graphic Design Blog On Typography
Image Source: Susan Yin from Unsplash
Graphic Design Blog About Typography Design Trends
Image Source: Anton Aheichanka from Dribble

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