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Consumers look at graphic design differently as change constantly evolves with time. Art studios and design agencies are doing the same. The Studio Bridge pushes itself by thinking differently when it comes to our creative process.

Here we are forecasting a handful of graphic design trends in 2022. Read on…

Design Trend #1: AI Designs

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Image Source: Pepper Pack Design

The rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is having a significant impact on the field of graphic design. AI is being integrated into various stages of the design process, from ideation and creation to automation and optimization. AI is not a direct threat to graphic designers; rather, it’s a tool that can enhance their capabilities and streamline certain aspects of their work. Here are some ways in which AI is influencing and shaping the world of design:

  • Generative Design: AI can generate design options based on parameters set by designers. For instance, it can create various logo concepts or layout options, providing designers with creative starting points.
  • Enhancing Creativity: AI can be used to augment human creativity by suggesting design ideas, color palettes, typography pairings, and other creative elements. This collaborative approach can lead to unique and innovative designs.
  • Image Editing and Manipulation: AI-driven tools like automatic background removal, image enhancement, and style transfer are becoming increasingly popular, simplifying the process of editing and enhancing images.

Design Trend #2: Abstract 3D

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Visual Source: Gus Maia from Dribble

Abstract 3D design has been a prominent trend in the world of graphic design and digital art. This 2023 design trend involves using three-dimensional elements to create abstract and visually engaging compositions that break away from traditional design conventions. Here’s how abstract 3D design is making an impact:

  • Visual Depth and Dimension: Abstract 3D design adds an extra layer of depth and dimension to visuals. This creates a sense of realism and makes the designs more immersive, capturing the viewer’s attention.
  • Dynamic and Energetic: Abstract 3D designs often have a dynamic and energetic quality. The interplay of shapes, colors, and movements can evoke a sense of movement and vitality.
  • Emotional Impact: The visual complexity and depth of abstract 3D designs can evoke emotions and feelings beyond what two-dimensional designs can achieve. The play of light, shadow, and form can create evocative atmospheres.

Design Trend #3 Modern Nostalgia

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Graphic Design Blog On Parametric Elements
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Modern nostalgia is a 2022 trend that will continue to be popular in 2023. This design refers to the use of design elements, styles, or references from the past in a contemporary context. It’s a design approach that evokes feelings of nostalgia, often by drawing inspiration from specific eras or cultural references while incorporating modern aesthetics and techniques. This creates a blend of familiarity and novelty that resonates with audiences. Here’s how modern nostalgia is manifesting in design:

  • Retro Aesthetics: Designers are incorporating visual elements from past decades, such as the ’80s or ’90s, into their work. This includes color palettes, typography styles, and graphic motifs that evoke a sense of nostalgia for those eras.
  • Typography Revival: Vintage typography styles, from Art Deco to retro neon signage, are being reintroduced with a modern twist. These fonts evoke a sense of nostalgia while being adapted to contemporary design requirements.

Design Trend #4 Risoprint

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Image Source: Susan Yin from Unsplash
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Image Source: Unsplash

Risograph printing has maintained its popularity in the graphic design world due to a combination of unique qualities and the revival of analog and tactile experiences. In 2023, you will see more designers incorporating risoprinting effects into their work. Here are several reasons why this design remains popular:

  • Distinct Aesthetics: Risoprinting offers a distinct and recognizable aesthetic characterized by its vibrant colors, imperfect registration, and textured appearance. This aesthetic sets it apart from digital printing and contributes to its popularity among designers seeking a unique visual appeal.
  • Analog Charm: In a digital world, the analog charm of risoprinting is appealing to designers and clients alike. The tactile quality of risoprinted materials, including the slight variations in texture and color, adds a handmade and nostalgic feel to the final product.

Design Trend #5 Holographic Surrealism

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Image Source: Anton Aheichanka from Dribble
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Image Source: Adobe

In 2023, more brands are going to adopt holographic surrealism in their branding to convey a sense of innovation, creativity, and forward-thinking while also invoking a sense of wonder. Holographic surrealism challenges traditional design norms by blending the digital and the surreal in a way that’s visually intriguing and emotionally evocative. It’s a trend that invites viewers to step into an alternate reality, prompting them to question their perceptions and explore the boundaries of imagination and creativity. Here’s how holographic surrealism manifests in design:

  • Optical Illusions: Holographic surrealism often employs optical illusions to deceive the viewer’s perception. These illusions can include shifting patterns, hidden images, and trompe-l’oeil effects.
  • Whimsical Elements: Whimsy and playfulness are common in holographic surrealism. Designs might feature fantastical creatures, magical landscapes, and whimsical scenarios that engage the viewer’s imagination.
  • Futuristic Vibes: The use of holography and surrealism imparts a futuristic and innovative vibe to designs. This aligns with the growing interest in technology, innovation, and the exploration of the unknown.

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