The Studio Bridge Launches Its First E-Magazine


Culture has always been an important factor for ‘The Studio Bridge. From the hiring process to an employee’s last day, incredible workplace culture is one of the benefits that the company wants to promote in an employee’s corporate life cycle within the organization. We firmly believe that creating and curating this type of environment greatly benefits both the company and the team. It promotes collaboration, productivity, and quality of work. 

Lookbook by The Studio Bridge e-Magazine is one of the ways the company can show off and showcase its awesome employees. 

The Big Idea

This e-Magazine was created as a part of our initiative to engage with and excite its team. Every last Thursday of every month, everyone at the office is encouraged to follow a particular outfit theme for that day. For this first issue, 90s Looks was the theme for March, and Anime Character-Inspired Looks for April. The employees who participate will get to strut their way down the office floor to flaunt their outfits. The person who gets to be voted as the one who has the best outfit wins a prize. 

Doing this mini fashion show energizes the whole team, and it becomes something for them to look forward to every month. From the fashion show to the online voting for the best-dressed, everyone is involved.

Lookbook Blog About The First Issue

The People

More than the fashion show and themed Looks, the e-Magazine also focuses, most especially, on the outstanding people that make up the team. The magazine contains an article about an employee feature that exhibits their capability and experience in the industry. This feature supports the company’s mission to be a strategic partner to our clients through expertise, resulting in quality of work.

Lookbook by The Studio Bridge

Issue 1 of Volume 1 is here! We’re glad to say that it wouldn’t stop there. Our readers are in for a treat as we’re not finished introducing who The Studio Bridge is. For this year, there are two more e-Magazine everyone should look out for. This issue was just the start, and much like with everything else, it will only get better from here. From company events to employee milestones to educational purposes and industry trends, we have a lot more to talk about. The company in itself has a lot in store and is steadily growing. This e-Magazine will be our channel to reach out further and create more conversations with our clients and prospective clients.


Learn more about ‘The Studio Bridge’ expertise today.

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