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In an ever-crowded and competitive industry, it is vital for our brand to make a difference and do things right. The good news is that we think about things differently.

With the help of our employees, we have defined what our brand stands for – it’s bridging creative solutions that matter. We take steps to help our clients reach their fullest potentials, understanding their needs and providing them with smart solutions that fit.

This is our DNA, and it’s right at the heart of our brand. Creative solutions not only guide who we are and how we behave but also let us stand out in a crowded marketplace. It underpins our core elements and strengthens our brand.

The Studio Bridge connects all types of brands to the finest artists, designers, animators, technicians, marketing experts and project managers – who are innately competent and, most importantly, possess the right character and culture fit.

This is our Brand Story.

Say Hello to a brand new web design of The Studio Bridge !

With over 5000 jobs delivered and 8 countries within our reach, ‘The Studio Bridge’ has grown from a 5-men workforce to a 30-joined growing team.

“Within a short period, we’ve grown into the one-stop graphics agency we are today. From 2D Artwork to 3D Animations, we find ourselves becoming the Strategic Partner we aimed to be,”

says the Managing Director and Founder of ‘The Studio Bridge’, Simon Campbell.

Our redesigned website not only showcases more quality and awesome work from our team members and for our clients, but this online channel and marketing medium for the brand also opens a chapter of rewriting our Mission and Vision Statements:

Mission: To become a Strategic Partner supporting our client’s growth through timely and full, value-adding services

Vision: To provide reliable Graphic Solutions that fit and sustain lasting partnerships

Freddie Lacorte, the Team’s Brand Architect “slash” Digital Trailblazer, adds, “With our new Corporate Website, we aim to guide our target audience onto a simpler and user-friendly navigation. In just a few clicks, the platform provides easy access to insightful and creative content”. now has a refined list of core pillars of the business, which makes it easier for anyone to identify the type of service needed, backed with a call scheduling function, refined contact page and more portfolio showcase.

Go on… read along, and browse through. Let us know how you find our new website so far.

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About The Author

Freddie Lacorte

Freddie Lacorte

He's the Brand Architect "slash" Digital Trailblazer of the Team. Freddie brings forth his expertise in Marketing, getting the word out there about us. Whether it's establishing one's identity with branding solutions, or tapping onto the latest digital trends, he got those covered. On the side, he's a frustrated singer who plays acoustic guitar.

View Freddie’s LinkedIn Profile here.