Pillars of Growth: Team echoes ‘The Studio Bridge’ Core Values

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Company culture is the backbone of every business. I genuinely believe so. Any organization, regardless of its size, has both liberty and privilege in building foundation from ground and up (a bottom-top approach) – to realize and inculcate fundamental principles, the Core Values, to guide its sustainable operations especially among its people.

Giving credit to a quote from the late American Author and Motivational Speaker, Hillary Hinton ‘Zig’ Ziglar,

You don’t build a business. You build people. And then people build the business.

In the past decade, most predominantly in the recent year, the world of business has grown in living up to or later discovering their guiding principles during the trying times of the pandemic. It has tested each and everyone of us in all things you could imagine making businesses survive. And so do we.

Amplified Voices

Proven more than ever, we’ve come to realize that we started the business right – by looking at the company culture that truly matters by choosing the right people, its own brand ambassadors, its members, its “Pillars” of growth and success.

These “pillars” have come together in echoing our core values with amplified voices. What a remarkable way to celebrate the brand as one! Since September, we’ve been featuring our members to showcase the values that highly represent them.

Starting off with yours truly, who sees ‘Creativity’ as an evolving expression of ideas. “Being creative means continuously making yourself, and the things you do, valuable and meaningful.”

Core Value Highlight: CREATIVITY

“We can work at our best while having fun”, our Production Artist Rui takes her stand on ‘Fun and Tonic’.

Core Value Highlight: FUN AND TONIC

Shaira, also one of our awesome Production Artists, see ‘Quality’ as a best representation of our works.

Core Value Highlight: QUALITY

Then, there’s Mira, one of our Project Managers, who says that “Unity becomes strength when there is teamwork. With collaboration, we can achieve wonderful things”.

Core Value Highlight: TEAMWORK

Core Values

As our company culture deeply matters to create an impact within ourselves, to the business, and to our clients, we continue to live up to these core values while fulfilling our objectives:

Core Values Blog Of The Studio Bridge The Pillars Of Growth

Along the way, we are taking new learnings and keeping best practices with courage, openness, and a sense of adventure. These values, at the center of our culture, are profoundly build by us, for the many.

In the weeks to come, we are featuring more of our members as they continue to echo our values to the world. Stay tuned!

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