Loving Him Was RED: The Why, Where, and When To Use This Color

Tips And How To Blog About The Use Of Color Red In Design

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where you’ll see the color Red everywhere you look. You can see it from mall decorations to social media content to special packaging of various products from different industries.

Red is a color most associated with anger and passion. Like in one of the popular love songs written by Taylor Swift, she uses the color Red as the metaphor to showcase her burning love and affection. However, when it comes to design, what is the significance of the color Red?

Tips And How To Blog The Usage Of The Color Red


Red can be considered to be a warm color. Other than anger and passion, this color prompts the feeling of warmth, energy, and attention. It is mostly used in logos and designs that inspire action and engagement. Because of this color’s powerful appearance, Red can easily catch attention and curiosity just by being within the frame of vision.

Like in The Studio Bridge, they are a Red and White brand that religiously sticks to their Core Values like Quality, Creativity, Results, etc. Their team exudes passion and energy for their work to achieve that. Because of this, Red is the perfect color to represent the brand and the type of company and environment The Studio Bridge promotes.


Besides the emotions that Red invokes, urgency is also something that it promotes. Designers can use this when creating marketing or branding assets. That’s why you can see Red as the commonly used font color when there are promotional sales and discounts. There’s a sense of urgency that time is limited, and consumers will now have to act fast in order to avail the promo. An example is The Studio Bridge’s Get A Website campaign, their web designer used Red, not just because it’s the brand’s color but also to highlight the limited offer.

Following the idea that Red represents strong emotions, urgency, and attention, some companies use this color to develop special packaging. Other than creating trendy products, it’s a great way to recapture a consumer’s attention that there’s something new with the brand they already see every day. Doing this can create a special feeling of having something unique when they make a purchase.


As mentioned, in order to create an eye-catching design, knowing how to use this powerful color is the answer. Keep your design simple. Usually, two or three colors are enough to rotate through when designing. This is especially true when using the color Red as the dominant color or as a highlight.

You can also consider going monochromatic by using different shades, tints, and tones of Red. Another option is to look into colors that compliment it, like Green, Orange, and the two other Primary Colors, Yellow and Blue. Some palettes like Pink, Maroon, Neutrals like White, Black, and Brown would also go well with this color.

If you think Red is the right color for you, don’t hesitate to play around with it until it’s the perfect shade or tone that suits you.

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