Branding: What Makes It Important


Branding is more than just a visual – it goes beyond a logo, a website or a physical store. Good branding implies consumer experience of a brand. From introducing a new idea or product to attracting the consumers’ attention, to making a sale and repeat purchase, everything needs to be on-brand.

But what makes it so important?

Here are 3 positive implications of quality branding:


Consistency allows your consumers to know what they can expect from you. This is especially important when creating repeat customers. Embodying and sticking to the brand’s promise builds trust, legitimacy, and fondness. When they experience consistency in service, visuals, and messaging from a brand, it creates a good foundation for a long-term relationship. Because of this, there’s a good chance that consumers themselves will now promote the brand. Not just with their friends but most likely through their social media accounts as well.


When a company is consistently on-brand, it makes them easier to recognise and recall. Whether it’s their packaging or online content, being easily recognised is a huge advantage for the brand. Recognition and recall will also set the brand apart from its competition.


Being on-brand creates an opportunity not just for consumers to get to know the brand better but also for the staff as well. Having a clear take on who and what the brand is about and continuously adhering to its promise sets the staff in the right direction. When employees understand the brand well, it can add to the consumer’s experience.

Take Disneyland for example; theme park employees treat guests according to Disney’s brand, which is all about Magic. The way they talk, interact and present themselves are all according to the idea that magic and the characters exist within the Magic Kingdom. Doing this gives the park visitors a unique and memorable experience.

In addition, when the staff understands the brand well, they can also be the first to be its advocate. They can promote seamlessly and effectively.

Is Branding important? Yes! Is staying on-brand required? Technically, no. But doing so can elevate your products and make them identifiable. This may sound like a lot of work, but that’s why we’re here. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or Schedule A Call with us to start your Branding Journey.

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