Chroma Key/ Keying Services

Let your product and endorser go places . . . in space, on the moon, atop the Burj Khalif, anywhere you like.

We make it possible through chroma keying, also known as green screen or blue screen. It involves filming the subject against a solid-colored backdrop, which is typically a bright green or blue surface. In post-production, the software identifies and removes the designated color, allowing the desired background or image to be inserted in its place.

The process of chroma keying starts with properly lighting the green or blue screen to achieve an even color and eliminate shadows or wrinkles. In post-production, specialized software, such as Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Pro, is used to isolate and remove the designated color from the footage. The software analyzes the color information and replaces it with a separate image or background, creating the illusion that the subject is in a different location or environment.

Chroma keying is widely used in the film and television industry to create various visual effects and composite different elements together. It allows filmmakers to place actors in virtual or impossible environments, simulate realistic backgrounds, and seamlessly blend live-action footage with computer-generated imagery. The technique has become a fundamental tool for creating immersive and visually stunning productions.