Asset Creation for Animation

Artist using computer with colleagues behind at office


Boosting your brand through animation? You’ve come to the right place, er, post. Using animated characters to tell your brand story is a viable alternative to the full-on TV commercial production.

Through the magic of animation, you can take your potential customers on an enchanting and colorful journey. Whether you want to simplify a complex, technical service, or launch a new product in a memorable way, animation gets the job done. But where to begin?

Unlocking the power of animation starts with a blank frame; an empty slate our animators have to populate with characters, backgrounds, and other elements (like the client’s product and logo, naturally). In the realm of video production, animation included, these are termed as assets. They’re the building blocks that form the foundation of any project. Think of them as the actors, props, and sets of an animated video. They complete the world the product or service lives in.


In the magical world of 2D animation, the artistry lies in creating assets that move fluidly across the screen. Think of iconic characters like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny. They may look simple, but their appeal lies in their ability to emote and charm us. To bring these characters to life, animators often start by sketching them on paper, giving birth to their unique personalities.

Once the initial sketches are complete, the digital realm takes over. Using software like Adobe Photoshop or Toon Boom Harmony, animators transform their drawings into fully-fledged assets. They add color, fine-tune the details, and break them down into separate elements, like limbs and facial features. This breakdown allows for more flexibility during the animation process, as each part can be manipulated individually.


On the other side of the animation spectrum, we have the captivating world of 3D animation. Here, assets are brought to life using sophisticated software like Autodesk Maya or Blender. Imagine creating an entire universe, complete with stunning landscapes, realistic characters, and mind-bending special effects. With 3D animation, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Creating 3D assets is a whole different ball game. It involves sculpting digital models using a combination of geometry, textures, and materials. Imagine molding a clay sculpture, but with the added benefits of digital wizardry. The process requires attention to detail and a knack for visualizing objects in three dimensions. Once the models are complete, animators bring them to life by rigging them with a virtual skeleton and adding movement through keyframes.

Our biggest assets

Whether a project calls for 2D or 3D animation, one thing remains certain – The Studio Bridge’s team of animators and graphic artists are always leveling up their asset creation skills. From studying the way light falls on objects to observing how people and objects move to discovering different art styles, our team’s learnings and experimentation never stops. And that’s why the quality of the final output built on their assets always exceeds our clients’ expectations.