3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Facebook 360 


Interactive and relatable content has always been one of the ‘musts’ for a successful Social Media Campaign. With Facebook 360, Brands now get the chance to elevate their campaigns further. According to Ocean Quigley, the Creative Director of Facebook, 360 videos and immersive media is part of the Social Network’s natural progression. This update would also lay the foundation for creating 3D environments compatible with VR and AR.

But what does this exactly mean for businesses? Is the Facebook 360 option just for aesthetic purposes, or is much more valuable than that?

Here are 3 reasons why Brands should consider utilising Facebook 360:


A picture does speak a thousand words, but it’s still not the whole story. Recently, there’s been a trend in consumer behaviour where they are very particular about the products they buy and the store they get them from. Most consumers are conscious of whether a specific product is ethically sourced, vegan, locally produced etc. Facebook 360 can be a way to showcase what goes on behind the scenes or what happens in the store. Doing this gives the audience an immersive experience.


Let’s be honest; moving around the different views of an image or video is quite fun. More than that, it’s a simple way of talking to your audience and saying, “hey, this is how we do it”, or “this is what happens in the store at a certain time “. Opening this type of conversation in the consumer’s head can help build a stronger and deeper connection with them.


At a glance, this kind of content seems limited to a certain type of industry. However, giving a glimpse of what goes on beyond the usual curated image of a brand and personifying it is generally a great strategy. It helps the consumers relate and connect with the brand better.

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