The Newbie’s Guide To Post-Production


We’ll fix it in post. Now there’s a familiar line often uttered by directors, producers, and creatives. And when it comes to fixing what needs to be fixed — or creating everything from scratch — The Studio Bridge is always on hand to weave its post magic.

But what exactly is “post?”

Post-production refers to the stage of filmmaking that occurs after the principal photography (shooting, i.e.). In projects that don’t require filming, the process skips the production stage and jumps right into post work.

Shortened to “post” or “post-prod” by those in the business of creating films and videos, post-production is where creative decisions are made, technical wizardry is performed, and the magic of visual storytelling truly comes alive.

If you’re a brand manager ready to dive into the world of commercial videos, this article serves as a gateway to understanding and appreciating the post part of the process.



At the heart of post-production lies the art of editing — the process of selecting, rearranging, and manipulating the captured footage to create a cohesive and compelling narrative. Editing choices regarding pacing, shot selection, and sequencing have a profound impact on the video’s emotional impact and overall effectiveness. This is where the real storytelling begins.


Visual effects (VFX) equals cinematic magic. These are the digital elements added to a scene that truly make visual storytelling an art form. From fun characters to breathtaking environments, The Studio Bridge’s VFX artists and animators employ their technical skills and imagination to bring visions to life.


No, acid trips aren’t part of the post-production process. Rather, we’re talking about one of the most crucial elements of creating videos — sound design. These encompasses all the audio elements that make videos more immersive. From dialogue and voice overs, music to sound effects, great sound design meticulously craft and layer these elements to create an auditory landscape that enhances the storytelling and evokes emotions in the audience.


Your crash course on post-production is almost over. Only one more lesson to learn — whom to partner with for your video projects.

With the artistry of its creatives combined with the technical expertise of its editors, VFX artists, animators, and other “post pros,” The Studio Bridge transforms raw footage into compelling videos, thereby turning the post-production stage into a brand building process.

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