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NORWAY (12 October 2022) — We’ve been featured on Media Monitoring, a Norwegian membership network for the graphic industry.

Synopsis of The Article:

Studio Bridge is all about helping companies with the production of packaging, publishing and marketing materials – both printed and digitally.

The Studio Bridge was established two years ago by industry veteran Simon Campbell, and a few months ago, Jonas Persson stepped in as co-owner.

“Together, we have enormous experience in this area from some of the very largest players in the outsourcing of graphic production”, Jonas Persson tells Media Monitoring.

The Studio Bridge works with the traditional parts – production and design of packaging and printed matter – but they also work a lot with e-commerce, social media and animations.

In recent months, The Studio Bridge has invested a lot of resources in building a digital team that focuses on 2D and 3D animations and CGI for, among other things, e-commerce. The company has ambitions to grow in digital and attract international and local customers.

Excerpt from the Norwegian article:

Jonas Persson med flere års erfaring fra blant annet Tetra Pak, SGS, Macdermid og Miraclon er ny deleier i produksjonsbyrået The Studio Bridge i Manilla. Nå tar svensken byråets tjenester til Sverige, Norge og Danmark – og grafisk bransje er et av satsningsområdene. 

The Studio Bridge ønsker å hjelpe norske bedrifter med produksjon av emballasje og markedsmateriell – både i trykk og digitalt. 

Selskapet ble startet opp for to år siden av Simon Campbell og nylig ble også Jonas Persson en del av byrået. 

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