Identifying a Graphic Artist and a Graphic Designer: Same or Not?

Graphic Design Blog About Visual Expressionist Versus Visual Communicator

The world of today has vast exposure to commercial art, which can be drilled down further through methods of visual communication. Professionals working in the art and design industry are well-exposed to self-identification and differentiation of the two. But come to think of it, technically inclined perception and expertise do matter.

An Artist and a Designer are important across verticals. However, they are not the same.

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Graphic Design Blog About The Different Visual Inclinations

Having had the opportunities in engaging with clients, agencies, colleagues and through personal network, there always come a time that this subject matters of differentiating a Graphic Artist to that of Graphic Designer comes into play. The rule of thumb is, a Graphic Designer can be a Graphic Artist. Not all Graphic Artists are Graphic Designers.

Now let’s identify if they are really the same, or not…

A Graphic Artist is a ‘right-brained’ thinker, mostly subjective, communicates with emotions and intuition, and expresses his/herself well. On the other hand, a Graphic Designer is a ‘left-brainer’ thinker, is objective, analytical/logical, fonds of strategic thinking, and solution-oriented.

A Graphic Artist thinks over and beyond typography, color tones, visual elements and complies with rules stipulated on a Style Guide. A Graphic Artist challenges the norm and thinks beyond, encourages new visual techniques, understands trends, and even forecasts FADs, and openly makes us “WOW-ed”.

You may find a Graphic Designer producing logos, brochures, posters, magazine layouts, etc. While you may see a Graphic Artist doing paintings, illustrations, photo arts, collages, book covers, and impressive artworks.

It is imperative that two ends meet, as they always make better and greater stories to tell – when their innate and earned skills are combined.

How about you, have you stumbled upon most Graphic Artists or Graphic Designers? Or did we miss out on any identifiable characteristics that we could have mentioned in this article? Drop us a message.

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